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The year 1958. A young husband drives his wife to the hospital, they're geting a baby. He drives her with a motorcycle with serious vibration and no suspension - the consequence is predictable... And so it is. He was born as a son of a mechanic and motorcycle racer and a dressmaker...

And that's where the story ˝KLEMENČIČ CLASSIC BIKES˝ begins.

We are dealing with customizing in this or another way over the fourth generation, so we don't have to explain all the experience we've gained over the last century. Both, the experience and the knowledge of the younger generation, led us one step further - into manufacturing our own motorcycles. When you combine that with the fact, that we representate a broad range of high-quality parts for Harley-Davidsons, you'll get one of the most flexible and widest offers on the market.

Anton Klemenčič - Tona



CEO and Mechanic


Reception Office


Klemenčič Classic Bikes
Limbuška cesta 22,
2000 Maribor

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